Blueberry, age 17

Blueberry Sen
Future daughter

Age: varies, 7-24, She/Her

Blueberry is calm, kind, but gets nervous easily and struggles to express herself, as she can't speak, she makes noises or writes stuff down in a notebook.
that was in the past, as for her 10th birthday, her dad gave her a MA-RI3 model holo-pen, who Blueberry named Clover, since then, Clover does the speaking.

Nicknames: Blue(by almost everyone)

Likes: Key lime pie, strawberry milk, bugs, sour candies, Gardening, Rock music.
Dislikes: Hot weather, Coffee, Spicy foods, Having to run, Cheaters(in general).

Quote: "..."

Family: Sushi Sen(Father), Tako Sen(Uncle), Cheru Sen(Aunt), Hikari Kinmochi(Mother), Anya Kinmochi(Aunt), Yuki Kinmochi(Aunt), Rosalett(Cousin)